Hey Guys! Here's a little info about booking me for a House Concert!
















Still want more info?? Read on... :)


What is a house concert? A house concert is an opportunity for you to have friends and family over to hear an artist you like and want to support. We gather in your living room, on your back porch or basement- wherever you think is best to have an intimate listening experience!  


What do I need to do? Once we agree on a date for the concert you'll want to get the word out to your friends and family via email, facebook or go really old school and make some phone calls! ;) Some hosts like to provide snacks, drinks or have a friendly pot luck. Food is always a good idea, but it can be whatever you want it to be! 


How many people need to attend?  Anywhere from 15-40 people makes for a great experience. The more the merrier but a smaller, intimate group is fun as well! 


What should I expect and how much does it cost? Hosts usually "pass the hat" during a brief intermission or whenever the mood strikes. Suggested donation is $10-$20 per person. You should expect a listening experience where the artist gets to share her music, stories and personality with your audience. Expect a cozy, festive, good o'l time! 


What's next? Contact me with your questions and ideas! michaela.mcclain.music@gmail.com